Thursday, 25 April 2013

Website development 2013

It begins as a static site and grows into dynamic site with user content. Now it moves from .com to Facebook page with like reputation. And paypal has a link to make purchases in page.

Page replaces the need to
1. Get a domain name
2. Host a website
3. Develop ability to receive payment
4. Email to friends
5. Update fans on new product release

Decline in domain register, web hosting, developer for payment, email list.

Facebook like replaces reputation. How popular a politician is depends on how many like he has. It is very democratic!

YouTube replaces training. I learn my sg mrt delight path finding from YouTube simple pencil and paper video.

Young people has the advantage of being eager to try new things. They brings new ideas to a company. Only weakness is they could hardly sit down and think.

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