Wednesday, 29 May 2013

NYC subway extension 300513

To enter competition on NYC subway

- got positive rating on 180613. Take a week to get feedback. My regular users have disappear?

- screenshot of all lines k
- start to run Mac server on 100613. Not bad. Quite fast. Looking at 2000 users. K
- add all lines k 100613
- horizontal line array k 120613
- add push notification for train delay
- user uses Spanish for jun k 110613
- wab on widget k

- add a schedule A k
-- add line station k
-- add timing at stop k
- timing at widgets 070613 k
-- add status 080613
- add a schedule C k
- add in nearby timing k
- add better GPS k

Sick from 290513 to 010613. Cannot think at all.
- add A Train k
- get schedule time on server 040613

It seems all app uses local database to get schedule timing. I am using server as the app will be much smaller and for upload.

- tried on Sony window. Takes 25 sec to load schedule time. And most time fails.
- tries on Mac white. Takes 3 sec to load time. Upload to google. Test train A and C.

- there is no feedback from existing users. I am worried that my latest version does not serve them well.

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