Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Competition nature

There are 15 companies doing vehicle tracking locally. I heard the first company starts in 2005 and is the biggest now. The second starts 3 years ago. It seems there is a first mover advantage as in app business.

- which company will survive after 20 years? I do not want to use a system that will not be available in the future.
- which company has many users? Who are they? The more users the more reliable the company.
- is there any demo or trial for me to test the software? I do not want a difficult to use system,
- is there a free device and only pay by subscription? Is such model sustainable?
- is there any government claim filed on behalf of my company?
- which company can I remember? Vtrk
- I do not use google search. I use Ida recommended list.
- Singtel and Cisco are in it. But they have so many area that they cannot provide the best services. They do not even respond to my request. They are slow to act and not interested in small companies.

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