Thursday, 2 May 2013

Release of widget advertising

On 020513, just release widget advertising with only sg mosquito lamp. It is a worrying trend as dengue hits 500 a week last month. I know the value of the lamp. It is new but it is effective.

Morning view is about 1000. Hopefully public will get one and reduce mosquito bites.

I hope users can accept it. I will monitor it for 2 weeks. May open for all to advertise but requires a registration fee of $25.

No way to fight google. I can only serve area where she is not interested in at the moment. It looks like location based advertising is growing in China and UK. Can I offer one that let business looks for customer in or near all Singapore universities?

I will need a sale person. :)

The hit rate is 5%. It is about 100 hits in 2000 served.

On second day, it is about 200 hits in 4000 served.

Situation 050513
- distribute free mosquito patch
- 20% increase in sale
- distribution via shop
- window net seems popular

On 090513, it has 380 hit and 13000 views. There is no sale yet.

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