Thursday, 25 April 2013

Study mozzle control market

- 020713 got another sale after she sees my mother passes the 2 lamps to the aunt.

- meet her. Bad breath. Every one has weak points.

- 300613 got 2 sale from mom's friend again. 010713 Spoilt 3 lamp and led. It won't light up. 020713 buy last 2 lamp. Use minimum changes. Replace led and seal up white lights. It works. And it is easy.

- a new way to use credit card led. Place it near my head or body.

- find my lamp not working at redwood central. Needs direct line?
- look like there is still a lot of work to be done. Lots if testing.

To make 50 units of SG Mosquito Delight
- print label on yongcheck 180513 - 21
- buy 50 lamp and led
- soldier them
- print flyer
- buy plastic bag
- distribute

It will be my first product for mobile widget ads. 250413

Mosquito control
Mosquito delete
Mosquito wipeout
Good night sleep
Mosquito zone
Mosquito Crazy

Magic Lamp is an easier way to call. It is used to keep mosquito away my sleep. I have invented it because I get annoyed when the nozzles comes in the dawn. Since Singapore has broken record to have 500 cases of degue last week, I have email the authority and request a presentation of my simple solution. Sadly I do not have a meeting.

I tested it for about 2 years. My recent trip to kota tinggi confirms again that the magic lamp is effective against mosquito :) only thing is no one believe in my invention.. It is not easy to open people mind that a simple solution is all you need to avoid mosquito bites in your home.

Live uk train tracker has 15 download.
UK train time live has 50 download.

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