Friday, 21 June 2013

Book of death

- ab represents what a man may come to know of the world and himself in silent meditation.

) similar to zen sit to know who am I and where am I. The second questions relates to the world. If you know the world and yourself, you can change the world. Meditation is the path to changing the world! Enlightenment by combining Steve biography, Steve video, kobun teaching and book of the death.

) she uses the bus and train yesterday. It is not going away.

- Beautiful is man in his moments in time, a thousand beads of thought on a white string.

) the moment has all you need. Be here now. Kobun book.

- if words could be uttered precisely, in proper sequence and proper intonation, those words could produce magical effects.

) I feel it when the man says my sold tab is old. His wife says she has not test the voice call. These words cut! Can a zen transform these negative vibration into positive. I think apple will win eventually. The advice of design makes the world different.

- The awe of awakening unto a new day, or perhaps a new self.

) I used to wake up feeling horrible during the darkest days if my life. Now I wake up unsure of what am I suppose to do. How to make the business pay? Can every moment be new? The beauty and fear of waking up each morning.

) I am mindful that many uncle and aunt could not know when the bus is coming. It is my purpose to create apps that tell them when the bus is coming without any click. These are the people who are being left out in the information revolution. My app is a light to their wait.

) I am mindful there are unexpected event for train timing. It is light to be informed the train will never come. Ios7 is the key.

) I am mindful that blind people wants to take the bus. And app can tell them verbally. Alert of mrt tells lady that her train has come.

- let me always know the reason for my becoming.

- this day I make myself anew. I am given to know things I knew not yesterday.

- As he cares for the children, so is he cared for in his old age. What goes around comes around, and so the great wheel turns.

- A man reaps what he sows. What he dreams of shall come to pass. Before the world formed it was the Great One's idea, and so a man is careful about what he wishes. He knows his death is but another harvest. His life is spent nourishing his people.

) it seems that what a person wish for, it will eventually come true. However it may come in a totally unexpected way. And it may comes many years later.

- Name yourself in your heart and know who you are.

) designer, inventor, creator, businessman. Bring bus and train time to everyone. Lady. Old people. Blind. Disabled. Children. A leader that has loyal followers for life.

- Though we pass quickly, the earth and heaven remain. Lets us make something useful with our hands. Though time forgets us, let it not forget our passing. Grant that today we may do work that matters.

) I may be gone quickly, I hope to left behind a company that continues providing service and making life better for 300 years.

) eames is gone but his design is still widely copied by Ikea when I see his look alike chair at Balestier. I hope my app will continue after I am gone too. I don't mind dying a poor man then.

- I know the future for us and it is death. We gather our seeds. We put our hearts into the labor of our hands. We make children to live and remember us. We spend our lives preparing for death.

) what is the meaning when we all end up dying? Put heart into our work. Holding to our dream. Creating great work.

- when a man's life ends, his body is given back to gods and the gods shall see what use their laws have been. They shall see the deeds its hands have made, the sparks of light its heart set in the world. They shall see whether or not their love, their powers have been wasted, whether its plants it has grown were nourishing or poison.

) can a man's work spark light in the world? Can a man's company make others better?

- And I shall go on believing in light, for only light and love denied can make the faces of women so terrible.

) women becomes ugly when love is denied to her.

- I have done what god willed for me.

- Oh what joy it was once to be young! When all a man had to do was eat and sweat and make love to his wife. But that was not even the height of my powers. I learned more or less in time to weigh my words, to conserve my actions, even at last to suppress my will, ah! But never to deny my feeling.

) should I go into game app? A way to present bus time and ads. A way for ladies and old man to use. It is His will.

- when the moon is full, it shall grow thin. This is a story of a life. A man learns nature is not always kind. Nature acts according to nature. Crocodiles eat fish and no one can be blamed. A man takes his fortunes in stride. He sees that gods surround him, but most days he walks his path alone. With one foot always forward, a man reaches heaven.

- The quieter you become the more you can hear.

- Be quieter still and let the will speak through you.

- Great is the power of the human heart to love, to change, to make new.

- The joy of creating is the joy of forgetting everything else.

- The earth is a small globe created by thoughts, mine and those of others.

- I sit in the garden listening to birds. I do what my heart tells me. My thoughts leap visible as light.

) I like to sit in the garden. But the mosquito is annoying. I hope to create a mobile lamp to fight them. A card size that I can carry to go.

- what I hate is ignorance, smallness of imagination, the eye that sees no father than its own lashes. All things are possible.

- Who you are is limited only by who you think you are.

- Beauty is. All things are possible. What we imagine comes to pass. Thought finds its form. My heart contains all I am, all flood of love, all thoughts invisible and vital as air.

- No greater joy exists than a walk among gardens, smelling herbs and flowers.

- Your work is its will.

- What I have seen with the eye has been fantasy but what I have known with the heart has been truth.

- Being. Creation and destruction.

) when I am sick, I am in the moment. Every second is long and painful.

- No man comes home unless he knows in his soul who he is.

) another statement on the importance of knowing who you are. You become god when you know who you are and express your god nature.

) I am a designer. When I see a great design, it is not only good to look at but also good to use. The iPhone stylus. Easy to detach and use. Simple design. I want to create app like that. Good to look at. And easy to use.

- With my hands I make visible thoughts. I create the world every day. Each moment the moment begin again.

- we are gods in the body of god, truth and love our destinies. Go then and make of the world something beautiful, set up a light in the darkness.

) I am so surprise to find so many meaning in Egypt book literature. I hope I read them earlier. These law applies today.

- Gods live in the hands of men and the hearts of women and in the land of wonder. To honor gods we must make of the world something good.

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