Thursday, 27 June 2013


In my dream, my destiny tells me that its will is to help my sister, Esther, mother and then father business in programming. Finally I am to help the world.

How many people does Eastman benefit? A world. 400 million. Ford? 300 million. Esso 750 million. Steve 200 million. Mozart 30 million as there is a copy issue. Edison 50 million as he could not monopolize an industry. 50 000 people and that is still 20 times to a million. 8000 times to Eastman level.

Larger vision that every one uses my app. It has win competition. And provides best quality in beauty, speed, simple and fun.,a company where programmer, designer and artist can use their natural talents and yet make a good living.

I dream of serving a million people in New York, a million in London and a million in Singapore. My best is ahead of me.

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