Tuesday, 25 June 2013

NYC subway game app

- request for offline underground use
- up and down arrow beside line
- timing is download for train C k server down.. Remove manual refresh

- to submit another version of NYC iOS targeting middle age users and women. No click.
- change London tube to departure board

- learning animation k manage to get accurate positioning of trains. The key is top left.
- get 3 sprites. K. Animation ok!
- going for electronic ads..! 080713 label animates..! K
- check on competitor reviews

- got 2 reviews in a day. One nice. One crash.
- I need to have a pull down refresh.

240613 download tool, first tutorial
250613 think design
270613 design 1 stop page. transparent app, read iOS animation. To do moving ads, do a transparent window and move the text image upward.
280613 stop dict, nearby stop

- change sg mrt delight - train map & time singapore k
- auto refresh for iOS 6 sg mrt k

// core app
- create stop page with GPS k
- create scroll button k
- create line page to stop k 290613
- add save k 290613
- add edit k 020713
- add line change k 290613
- add status
- new page with GPS k

- refresh when pull down k
- no refresh when reach bottom k
- next page refresh k
- auto refresh 2 min 020713
- submit text version 020713
- Jose tests app 020713

- use basic iOS to draw
- orientation to portrait k
- draw font k
- sprite for train k
- add line A
- sprite for timing on train
- background platform k
- label for station k
- animation for sprite
- animation for ads
- add in location to stop page
- add in fav to scroll page
- add in line to stop page
- add in status

- do I need a nearby page?
No. Show a stop at that location. GPS is used to quickly find a stop without user click.

- do I need favorite?
Yes. For quick access to time for a stop. I do not want to wait for GPS every time.

In the beginning there is nothing. Then use GPS, get a stop. A stop page is formed. If GPS found a different stop, a new page is formed. Now change to scroll to a new page that auto GPS.

- do I need lines table?
My users are uncle. If GPS return a wrong station, how to get the right one? Use search?

- do I need a status page?
No. The status is in the stop page.

- do I need a quick line change?

- what I want in an app?
Beautiful and useful. Pretty is more important than usefulness. It is the first test whether consumer will stop and look. It attracts users to try it. If a product is ugly, nobody will even want to touch it.

- done on actual 6 train on NYC train app k
- need to opacity to 0 animation k
- the yellow page dot is ugly at first stage k

- reduce train size by 10% k by Jose
- redraw platform. Draw about 10 times. K
- fix label animation k
- add label click to rate k
- marketing k only an hour !!! Take me from 24 jun to 16 jul. Almost 3 weeks to design, build and test but only an hour to market title, icon, description and submit. This is crazy! K

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