Thursday, 11 July 2013

Coke and Lays

Once u have tasted Lays chip, I could not eat anything lesser. I bought an ikea chip and pick one and throw the rest. It is awful.

Once I drink coke, I could not like pesi anymore.

When a person uses my app, I hope he will not use other app.

Great product is hard to come by. There are many choice but very few great product.

I need to use careful wordings for each title. Mrt is good but then it is not found. Adding few more words, they are easily found.

Only the best app will stay. I download a few drawing app. 2 from search draw. 1 from children recommended. 2 from cats gory top chart. I still like doodle best. It gives me the best drawing. No invasive app like draw. No complex feature like others. I delete the rest as I only use doodle. It seems that only one app will dominate.

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