Saturday, 13 July 2013


- see that the fav is not saved on update
- the background is too dark

- expect home screen icon to give timing
- swipe left. See nearby as first page k
- expect to have route in nearby k
- want search. GPS give wrong location. Want to search bus at home not at work. K
- like the background. Would overtake the bus. K
- tab bus stop name at nearby..k
- tab bus pole and cannot figure out what happen k
- tab to rate. It goes! K 060813
- does not want the word old. Redesign for older people. Youth and beauty. K
- expect to see 4 buses. K
- will not know have to tab save. K
- today my ranking goes up unexpectedly
- on 040813, it becomes first in travel. What have I done? I want the Art version to be know as it is the beautiful app.
- slimmer icon k
- edit stop gets selected route
- don't ask to rate again! K

- don't know tab bus for waiting time
- which bus stop to choose
- mrt label cannot see
- mrt auto refresh location
- the yellow is brighter than the red
- editing my mosquito blog

I cannot thank her enough for opening my eyes. I must always remember her greatness.

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