Wednesday, 17 July 2013

London Buses Art App - transform from text to image. From tab form to scroll page.

- instant stop

- list view for route to stop k
- timing is wrong. Compare android. K
- list view or collection for stop k 091113

direction for bus k
add bus stop name and towards on the ground. 
- add nearby page k

- add fav page 231013
- fix crashes for null stop indicator 231013

- pull down to refresh k
- add search bus Urgent k
- must have content to send email

- collectionview 110913
- bus in map k
- ask to rate after favorite 120913
- remember filter k
- bus destination
- bus stop direction
- link from text version
- scroll bar stop indicator 070913
- add bus time 090913
- add route 090913
- add paging 100913
- add favorite 110913
- to refresh when reappear 120913
- add map to see far k
- add email to friend setting page
- submit 120913
- no refresh nearby when return from route k

- google drive for hhs n
- filter by bus number scroll bar 160813
- remove old word 150813
- check rate id k
- add favorite easy k

- return to work animation after fix location bug and apple reject no nearby k
- add animation. Add in the bus sprite. K
- add subsequent on click k
- refresh is 1 min k 310713

- add refresh on nyc train sprite k
- add subsequent for route tab and refresh timing on sprite in sg buses. K
- read lta database k
- replace nyc train background k 010813
- update sg buses disable blue k
- better sg buses screenshot k
- train delay notification is important
- submit competition k
- do ads model, cbs
- tab to email us k
- better video k

- fix rate me k
- fix stop indicator bottom line k
- add search on sg bus nearby k

170713 design stop
- check when my esta ruby expire k

stop page 180713
timing k
favorite k
route page k

marketing title n text 190713
marketing photos k
Submit k

Once approved, add animation.. K
animation k
submit competition k


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