Sunday, 28 July 2013

Penang trip


I exhausted the land's resources and observed the changing times; what others sold off I stored up and what they desired to buy I supplied, looking for the expensive place to sell something that was cheap. I knew how to handle the unexpected and win; I practiced diligence and frugality and I selected the proper man on the proper occasion.

Whatever the people need, I will provide.

There is more money in business. I want to be a successful businessman.

Bus is advance. Timing will soon be added. The city is jam with cars. I think mrt and bus will be the solution. And transport timing is going to be important. No one wants to wait for the bus forever.

The world is the opportunity. My prediction for Penang to have bus time is before 2020. As singapore build more lines, train times will eventually extend to 24 hours.

The energy of calmness is not giving. One has to train everyday to observe. The feeling of gratitude leads to calmness more than the thought of criticism.

The thought of panic comes to me before going to gate f37. I walk in front of Jose. I do not have the calmness as Jose just got the impatient energy from the counter girl.

Penang people are so friendly. The student comes to ask for donation but bow and wishes us a good day when we do not donate. It is the opposite of Hong Kong.

Penang has very good hotel and mall. It has a free political scene. It has an artistic wall and capture so many tourist.

The food is good! Each dish takes so long to cook.

But I am told not to leave my house in the night. There is no security.

I am happy everyday to have Jose. It will not last forever. Everything is impermanent. Only the moment is happiness.

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