Saturday, 3 August 2013


- Ads serves the app rather than overwhelmed it.
) my ads overwhelmed the buses. Only comes when the location is reverent. How can my ads be useful to the users? Download my game? Can advertisement be a part of the user experience?

- But games are Line's biggest moneymaker, accounting for about $25 million a month in sales, or slightly more than half the company's revenue. Line lets users download its game free, making money through in-app purchases, which provides players with special powers.
) my general game. I want so much to increase my general intelligent. To increase intelligent, buy books. To increase loyalty, buy horse.

- Line gives some stickers away; others cost $1.70 for a pack of 40. Sticker sales alone make about $10 million a month I revenue.

- and unlike Facebook and google, Line has no plans to tailor advertising. It has restricted ads to opt-in campaigns by companies like SoftBank and McDonald's, which haves used Line to offer coupons and promotions.

"We don't want services that make users feel uncomfortable."

- 260913 design for ads

Stage 1
- a form to enter ads k
- serve ads on android k
- a blog to link to payment k
- payment to link the entry form 021013
- approve ads 1. Payment 2. Text

Stage 2
- a form for png file
- serve ads on iOS

Stage 3
- a form for location
- serve ads based on location

- 7000 maker and marketer.

- I feel threaten by google Adsense. There is no future in it. I need to find other income.

- if app is about music, sport, movie and TV etc, the advertiser are music company.

- if app has user location, the ads is food, tuition and those found in bus stop and billboard.

- if app is about exercise and diet, app is lose weight company, trainer, medical etc

- since the admob income is ceil. I am force to develop my own advertising service.

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