Friday, 23 August 2013

Crisis to non crisis by keep finding new solution

- incoming is too little for a worker. Not way to get artist and builder to create great app.
- fast obsolete of hardware. A mistake in creating app for blackberry and window phone will wipe out all income.
- lots of competition in London. 1 out of 25 in bus. 1 out of 50 in tube. Need keep new app to stand out of crowd. Open source means large number of competitors. Close source means relationship to agencies. SG is opening transport data but it will takes 3 years to be ready. 2017.
- lots of investor for small company. They can create very beautiful app. They have a huge internal economic. Embark wins 2 major competition in 2012 and get investment from B&W. Aug 2013, it is being sold to Apple. Apple wants map to fight Google. Embark starts in 2011 and has never make a single cents to 2013. 2 years later, it is being sold. Facebook has not make any money yet it is being sold at such a high price. Build a company to be sold. Or build a company to make money.

- in London, lots of delay for old train notification is important.

- opportunity always comes unexpected and open for a short time frame. Always being ready to see it and seize it. Opportunity is related to place and time. And it is only usable by people.

The question is how do you see opportunity? I do not see them as I have not think and dream to eat them. The desire must be in the heart in order for you to see the bird in the bushes. He thinks duck and dreams duck. You must have the bird in your heart before you can find it in the bush.

When i open my heart I find the way, a gap through the wall of mountains. Put a bird in your heart and you will find one in the bush. Put a partner in your heart and I find one 3 years later. Put new income in my heart and I will find one to employ artist and builders. I am getting too old to program.

Knowing the world is as the world should be, I enter the fields of peace. Wang knows the computer as a typewriter. Blackberry knows the world as email. Palm knows the mobile as PDA. Pocket pic knows the mobile as personal computer for words in a stylus form. Apple knows the mobile as map, Internet and music in a touch form. Nokia knows the mobile as phone, map and Internet in a mouse button form. Blackberry knows the mobile as a button email. Observe the changing times. If apple goes into map without palm going to stylus, it will fail badly. There is a timing factor.

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