Tuesday, 27 August 2013


From 130913 to 041013, I have rush a changeover to worksiteID and HHE. That is rather tiring but at least I have make it. 3 weeks!

- determine the network unplug.
Caused by starhub?
Caused by the ups?

230913 customerview

- time card working. Use insert query.
- work on payment receive 210913

1. Manage to get django to work with ms access. Important is the primary key at models.py
2. Got employee info and edit
3. Going to add the sign site!

server disk down 130913
1. Install access k
2. Install Epson printer k
3. Install star printer k
4. Install HHS k
5. Copy Angie and my doc folder k

Issue: could not print. K 140913 after change a router. It is not the disk but the connection from server to router.

- print DO from server
- print DO from Joey laptop
- print RN from Sally laptop
- add split

6. Add php server to sign in. N. I use python instead.

Note: don't use extra reference date. Difficult to install. Use a simple web server. Python.

It is difficult to change after you have invest in building a software. It takes lot of effort to start a new software. From php to python.

Window 7 and 8 do not run access 2003. Things are as difficult as it is. I don't mind working on software that million of people uses it. If only a company uses it, I feel it is waste of my time.

I want to build nyc bus for manhattan.

- second try 110913
- do do and rn 110913
- balance 120913
- print invoice
- reduce charge list to 10 sec
- bf
- return data no integrity

- first try on 250713. Problem with worksite combo. Solve it on 260713
- will try again on 070913. Done
- going for sign in on 160913

- print invoices for hhe
- tick hhe in worksite
- change DO to add worksite. RN. Transfer. Bring forward.
- change query
- generate invoice with worksiteid
- a button to print hhe invoice

- print statement for hhs

- automation for clamps. 3 at one time. Sorting seems to be a problem. 300813 it looks so difficult. I need a handbook on setting up a automated machine at home.

- visit ikea for hand drill
- watch YouTube for auto machine
- a machine connect to a start button
- a holder for clamp
- a holder for the drill machine
- a 3 days study on clamp servicing
- why need servicing
- get a mobile fold chair
- study air actuator

- fasten the rental charge list from 5 min to 5 sec.

- a long supply of land. 80 cents. 95 cents.

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