Saturday, 9 November 2013

My music app

- korg is strong in key feel. iRig is strong in overall with pedal, volume, cable to iPhone, power and weight. IRig is good for development due to light, small and one cable. Korg does not power some time. For development and practice, iRig is a better choice. But for performance, Korg is only possible. 

Market learn to play piano 
- YouTube irig keys Turkish March watchk
- YouTube korg Turkish March k
- YouTube irig keys secret garden
- YouTube Casio sym 40 k

- apple reject on 141213 due to meta
- remember keys k
- Casio no sound and key k 131213
- 3 digit for measure k
- use aura lee as first song 121213 k
- need 88 keys for sym no 40 and Liszt. Market from 37 to 88 keys. K
- submit on 091213. Start thinking on 091113 and doing on 121113.
- Found bug on rewind when test 5th. Resubmit on 101213. K
- need to store last song k
- add 3 simple songs for irig k
- left and right hand color k
- good to pass ABRSM piano grade and trinity keyboard exam k
- remove all sound font files k
- auto change key when plug in k
- 37 keys not right for left sharp key
- load preset song level 1 & 2 k
- 37 keys for a simple song k
- miss first note k
- download and crashes k
- end needs a screen length k
- drop down icon for song and key k
- remove learn button k
- test 4th k
- create app icon k
- add iAds k 141213
- screenshot with rig and korg k
- write up for piano exam k
- tip on download music in song page k
- to rate and feedback, friends k
- iPad use k 141213

- fix scrolling 071213 take 4 days. The auto size is the bug. 

- keyword: korg, irig keys, line 6, yamaha, Casio, piano lesson, usb keyboard, celestial, learn to play piano, midi

- test on 021213 with Jose
- a text is better than eclipse. The edge tells when to hit the note. 
- look nicer in color. 
- so difficult to play with. Find note. Find fingering. And then both hand.i give after 8 beats. 
- app skips a beat. 
- she thinks can scroll up and down. 
- keyboard change note view not showing. 031213
- need to remove instrument not piano. K
- keep turning off when playing. Will it happen to bs? K
- 4 beat line not accurate k
- 331 does not auto fall down k

- put in ABRSM music. Easier for beginners. K
- icon with falling notes. And photo of irig keys. 
- too small. 
- cannot find the keys for users.
- turn off and play. K

- play on virtual keyboard to resume k
- play song that sync with falling notes k
- choose a song by download k 011213
- rewind and forward by scrolling 041213 to ...
- fix duplicate method k
- play full 16 tracks k
- get each file speed k
- daily learning mozart starting 301113
- if change file, reset noteview 011213
- change keys k

Market for professional
- gargeband is creating music
- bismark is playing sample music 
- igrand is playing piano music

Market for public
- Celestial is learning to play piano

- correct duration.. Get the beat per second. 145 beats / 1 min 281113 k
- draw up to 10 sec or 24.1 beat k

- device go dark k
- line for 4 beat k
- a temp button replay k
- buy irig
- "very small"
- check correct keys press k
- tip on beat 291113

- flip up to rewind
- stop at keyboard k 281113
- tap screen to toggle play or learn k

- song with animation 251113
- convert mp3 to midi
- too fast, I want slow. I want the computer to always wait for me. K
- I want a time stop. K
- I want a full sound. 36 to 96. K
- display the notes location to play k
- display track 1 and 2 261113

- bismark can run when the phone shut
- it can receive message from Casio 150

I found a new life developing music app. The excitement that I never felt before. It is way more difficult than bus app but I find my interest level so high. Maybe because it saves my life or I resonate with it. My current app is way below the market average but it is a good time to start with iOS 7.

- Music eases tension from the heart, release thoughts from the mind, and inspire us to greatness. 

Why people buy midi keyboard?

Can I use this to LEARN to play the piano? 
Does this device have speakers, or will it only play aloud through another device?
Does Line 6 Mobile Keys 49 Controller work with "Synthesia" which is a midi software piano program. 

What is music? It is something that calm the mind and expelled thoughts from it. It fills a person up who is empty inside. 
it saves my life. I get to play keyboard without using my eye that are tired with programming and reading.

I am thinking to create one music app. The App Store is limited and cost at Least $10. My app will always be free. I want to play on my korg 61 keyboard and iPhone. I do not want to wait 5 years to get a grade 5. I want to play immediately.

The music sheet is there for me to play. I don't need to spend 6 month to learn to read it. The computer can do it.

- play a midi korg controller 141113
- play piano sound 121113

1. A piano 61 key layout 251113
2. Detect my korg 201113
3. Read signal from korg 201113
4. Play the sound 251113
5. Get sound bank.. Caf 251113

Add on
- learn midi song

1. Play midi song 161113
2. play midi with keyboard animation k
3. Falling note to keyboard k
4. Stop for user to press k
5. Choose a song to learn k

- youtube performance
- learn any song you want

USB pedal
- create a simple pedal for korg

- there are over 20 free apps for learning piano on iPhone. But there are very little app to connect with midi keyboard. About 3. Garage band, bs16 and yamaha diary.

There are korg, irigs and line 6.

- I feel a new sense of life when I begin my music development on 121113.

- competition for midi app. Bs16, garage band, yamaha diary. Virtually is zero. App to hardware app.

- competition for learn piano. 20+ apps.

- who has an advantage? A physical keyboard over virtual keyboard.

- an app that can link to any midi keyboard. Most keyboard have it. And has all the abrsm song in it. 

281113 manage to stop the falling notes as they reach the keyboard. It auto detects usb midi keyboard.

011213 realize that it is not easy to click a key. Have manage to download file and change song. The keys are made like star. Thinking to call it Falling Stars. Music does take me higher in coding.

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