Saturday, 9 November 2013

Car App

Ask Siri "open traffic app"

It speaks the nearest traffic incident. Can it be useful?

A jam avoidance is powerful. 

An incident happens. What location. What direction. Avoid. As I drive, it informs me a jam ahead. 

Should I take up the challenge on ford traffic? 

A jam can easily lasts an hour. 

A second trip to yishun. As I go home, there is a slow down. As I go pass an accident, I can speed up. It takes about 30 min to go home as I make a wrong turn. And 30 min to return to get my bad. The jam lasts an hour and the ambulance could not reach the accident site as it is fully jammed.

A simple app that speaks what the jam ahead is about.
- reach a slowdown
- press a button on the radio
- via Bluetooth, app search for nearby incident, base on gps and direction
- speak to driver the incident

Jam report.

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