Thursday, 31 January 2013

How to read MTA GTFS real time subway data?

I am reserving this blog for my code to unlock MTA real time data in Google map format. It takes me 2 nights to solve. But you can have it in half an hour. Will post the detail here shortly. Check back later!

0. Register a key from MTA. Pretty fast and easy!
1. Download the google file named protobuf-2.5.0rc1 2 and import to your eclipse workspace src folder


2. Add following code to get each entity where the times is in it.

String url = "";
new DownloadGtfs().execute(url);


FeedMessage gtfs;

gtfs = GtfsRealtime.FeedMessage.parseFrom(content);
for (GtfsRealtime.FeedEntity entity: gtfs.getEntityList())
Log.d("Gtfs EntityId:", entity.getId());

3. Here you go! Live subway time.. With the above code, you can figure out in 30 minutes!

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