Monday, 11 March 2013

Start UK Rail Today iOS

There is a lot to study on UK rail. I might change the logo. It has high speed train.
- study of osm http radius 0.02
- create icon
- update iOS id and google

- have nearby station k
- have map k
Note: the existing 2 widgets are quite badly done. The alert is a new concept but too muck work to set up. The AI should know what time and day to alert her users. There should only be a button to turn on or off.
As in train times is elephant list, it should uses the scrolling widget. Rail has good multiple widgets but lack basic widget.

- have station page
Should users select departure or arrival? No. Present departure as default. Let users select arrival.

Have an alert on route detail.
- departing London bridge
- arriving London bridge

- have favorite

- have search

Have status

Will be doing test day 1 today.  Test next day. And resubmit on 150313.

I note that my nearby has no london cannon street station. It is not found in osm. I put in a note to use search instead.

1. Remove it on 020513. Will find alternative source.

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