Saturday, 13 July 2013

Answers from the heart

- I vow that the conversation I am going to have will bring us closer together, and make our friendship bloom like a flower.

) I take conversation as a confrontation. Talk is to heal. A person suffers less if he can talk his problem to another person. I am happy if someone is interested in me and ask me to disclose more.

- If you work on a computer you might get so carried away by your work that you forget that you are alive. Program your computer so that every 15 minutes it alert you to go back to yourself, to smile and breathe in and out before you continue work.

- Walking meditation is really to enjoy the walking - walking not in order to arrive, but just for walking, to be in the present moment, and to enjoy each step.

- When our mind is calm it is like that lake; it reflects things as they are, and we are not victims of wrong perception.

) The mother and baby are one in the icon. The heart extents to encompass the mother and baby.

) to deal rightly with a situation, calm yourself first. So that you can see correctly. When breath in, say I know I am breathing in. When breath out, say I am smiling at whatever you see at that moment. Do 3 times. Then when breath in, say I know I am breathing in, when breath out, say I hear whatever you are hearing now. Do 3 times. Finally, say I have arrived. Breath out and say I am home. I know I am angry now. I know angry is inside me now. I know it will be gone soon. After a day. Say I will embrace my anger and take care of it.

I could not jump to compassion immediately, I have to calm myself first and be very quiet so that I can see and hear.

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